Escape from Paradise

Escape from Paradise - Gwendolyn Field 5 Captivating Stars!!!While on holiday with friends, the unspeakable happens to Angela Birch. She is taken, raped by a man she thought could be trusted and thrust into the dark and brutal world of slavery. The man who treats her like his property, is a prominent citizen, kept safe because everyone has a price, even the law.And so begins her systematic conditioning, she is broken down, molded in to the perfect slave. But deep down, Angela always hopes, she never gives up believing that her parents will find her. Everything I thought I knew about myself and life, all of my views, shifted and changed in that room on that day. Ideas of privacy and entitlement and freedom slipped away. The meanings of strength and weakness morphed and failed to matter anymore. All that mattered was survival with minimal pain.She does what she must to survive, her pride no longer mattered. There is no room for pride when one has no control over their own life. Her emotions are not her own, she feels what her master wants her to feel. She is his puppet and he does whatever he wants with her.I knew I was just a body. I was ever aware. The way eyes followed me with hunger, even Marco's men. My body was not mine. It belonged to whomever paid the high price to rent it. Or it was gifted to business partners of Marco's as a thank youUntil Colin Douglas a man with secrets and a terrible past, sets foot on the "paradise". Colin has one goal in mind, bring Angela back. No matter what it takes. Even if it means losing himself in the very world he is trying to protect Angela from.He begins to questions his own morals, always conflicted about his actions. But he has no choice, to be found out would be the end of him and Angela.This is a book about the real subject of slavery in a modern world. It is a story with a happy ending, it's gritty, raw and heartbreaking. It is about survival, it gives survival a whole new meaning. It made me think.