More (Before You Go, #2)

More (Before You Go, #2) - Clare James 4 Sweet, heartbreaking and New Adult Stars!I was pleasantly surprised at how sweetly sexy this book was! More is a companion novel for [b:Before You Go|17608103|Before You Go (Before You Go, #1)|Clare James||24566785]. I read about Foster and Jules in the previous book and I was intrigued by their story and the secrecy behind it.This is their story, and it is one filled with heartache and pain, but it is also a book about love and acceptance.Jules has been in love with Foster since high school not that she'd ever admit that to him or anyone else. She's seen the way Foster goes through women, the way he drowns away his pain in a bottle of alcohol, he's toxic and getting involved with him would be a mistake. But she can't help but feel a jealous pang whenever she sees how happy her best friend Tabby is with her boyfriend, Noah, and she want happiness like that for herself. Whenever it seems as if Foster might be changing for the better he does something to ruin it all, he's actions hurt her every time.Foster adores Jules, he worships the ground she walks on. But his feelings of worthlessness keep getting in the way, he's made some big mistakes. His past is like a huge cloud hanging over his head, preventing him from pursuing a relationship with Jules.They play this constant game of tug of war with each other, Jules constantly telling him he can do better with his life and him constantly self sabotaging his life.Until life throws them together for two weeks. Jules gets hurt in a fight at a club, and because it's summer and her roommate is visiting her family, Foster volunteers his help. Jules grudgingly accepts, because she would never allow her friend to miss time with her family because of her.The two weeks are meant to be completely platonic, but the minute Jules asks Foster to help her take a bath those rules are thrown to the wolves.Jules sees a side of Foster she's never seen before, he's caring, considerate, sexy and dedicated to her. Her walls slowly start to crumble and she starts thinking about a future with Foster, something she's never done before. But mistakes from the past show their ugly face, and threaten their relationship.Foster decides he is going to change for Jules, he's going to finally listen to her and be a better person. But a relationship built on lies is doomed, and this is proved when someone from his and Jules past decides to destroy their happiness.This is a story about two people discovering themselves, their strengths their weaknesses, everything that they have grown up believing. It is only when Jules and Foster are apart and can face their fears alone, that they finally realise how right they are for each other."Well, I love you," he says in such a firm and confident way that I can't move. I don't want to move, so I start taking a million silent pictures of this moment. I want to freeze it in time; I don't want to ever forget it. Not one second. And as the shutter continues clicking away in my mind, Foster kisses me-a million tiny kisses. His own way of marking the moment.Copy gifted by Author for an honest review.