Tough to Love: Saving Avery (A Novella)

Tough to Love: Saving Avery (A Novella) - Ava Catori I regret to say that I did not like this book... I hated it actuallyFirstly...Secondly...I'm going to need a lobotomy after reading this!What you ask, is my problem with this very short novella???When writing a book with such serious/heavy subject matter, in this case it was rape, you cannot not write it as a novella. This story would need character development so the reader could connect with the characters, and it would need to be set at a pace where the reader would not want to throw their ereader across the room. I have no idea how much time passed in this story, it could have all happened in one day!Another thing was this story was all over the place, I think there was a twist in the story too but it was overshadowed by how disjointed everything was.Everyone in this story was crazy...It was a circus!!!Copy courtesy of Ava Catori Books, via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.