Lost in Distraction (Lost, #1)

Lost in Distraction - B.J. Harvey This book had such high ratings, I thought I was going to love it. And at first I did, the blurb got me interested and then the prologue had me hooked.But then after that everything went horribly sour!Firstly let me point out that this book was written in the first person and was mainly told from the hero and heroine's POV. I have no problem with a story written in the first person but with this one I felt like I was being told everything by the hero and heroine, what I mean is there wasn't enough dialogue!!! Hardly any conversation for about 50% of the book!And then to make it even more disastrous, the book would randomly skip time! For example 2 months later, 1 month later! At this point I was contemplating abandoning it and reading something else! The heroine Elle/Elise is an heiress who's family was murdered a few years ago while she was away at a school camp. She lost her parents and younger sister. So as you might have guessed she is a broken young woman who finds it difficult to let outsiders in. She meets Brax in her economics class in college and they are immediately in insta-love! Don't get me wrong I love insta-love, but it has to be convincing. And I'm very sorry to say that in this case it wasn't. I didn't feel any chemistry in Brax and Elle's relationship everything felt forced. And for a girl who doesn't trust anyone Elle didn't put up much of a fight with Brax.I didn't have much of a problem with Brax's character, he was your typical hot alpha male who wanted to protect his woman. But Elle got on my nerves she went from timid and introverted to hot sexy vixen way too quickly!I don't want to say much more because I'll end up giving the story away. But one last thing that had me grinding my teeth was the CLIFFY!!! Looking at it now it was a pretty good one if the actual story had been just as good. But to be honest I feel cheated.