Below The Belt

Below The Belt - Skye Warren 3 WTF StarsFirstly let me just say I really enjoyed this book.Secondly, yes I'm gonna say it, it was way too short!Thirdly I'm probably gonna spoil this for anyone who wanted to read it.Lastly, I can't believe I'm writing a review for such a short story!Skye Warren is a wonderful writer the fact that she can pull me in and have me riveted is amazing, the fact that she did that with a short story is even better.I only have two problems with this story, one it being too short ( I already mentioned that), and second being the sex scene at the end. Paris decided she was schizo and went all dominatrix on Abe!!! What the hell??? And Abe went all sub on her!!! Dammit!!! It ruined the entire story for me!!! It felt like she was trying to make Abe pay for the way her ex had treated her! I'd like to add that I do like reading erotica with bdsm, I just prefer being eased into it, although this wasn't really bdsm it was more like dominance and control (I'm not making any sense)Finally the ending was just too much, it was obviously a cliffhanger, that I don't mind. But seeing as the book was published in 2011 is there any chance of the story being continued??? I seriously hope so but I doubt it! That's just my opinion please prove me wrong!