Dance For Me  - Helena Newbury

Natasha lives to dance, it is her entire life, it defines who she is. Dancing is the one thing that keeps her grounded and keeps her memories at bay. Until she sees Darrel and he turns her entire world upside down. Before Daniel the only thing that had the power to unravel her was remembering, but she's learnt to control the memories by doing something that no one would understand. 

She wouldn't dare reveal herself to Darrel, if he new he'd leave her, and she'd lose the one person who's brought light to her darkness. She's lived with guilt for so long that she cannot even imagine that there might be someone out there willing to help her, to absolve her.

Darrel is a wealthy engineer, and when he sees Natasha dancing he is enthralled. He propositions her, she must dance for him, he'll pay her. But he soon realises that he wants so much more than to just watch her dance. He wants her to be a part of his life, he wants to share himself with her. 

But for a their relationship to work, he has to be honest with her, but his secrets could break their tentative connection. He isn't prepared to take the chance of her leaving him, but fate never gives us a choice.

Darrel and Natasha, need to let go of their pasts in order to begin their future. They have been living a life which as feeding off their pasts. Until they let go, they can never heal or feel whole again.

Final Thoughts 
Although this book dealt with some heavy topics, I found it quite fun to read. When reading about a subject such as self mutilation, I tend to feel a bit depressed, which wasn't the case with this book. All in all a fun light read with some heavy topics but they didn't overwhelm me!