Fearscape - Nenia Campbell

You're like a half-tamed creature, still shy of the bridle. Except you enthrall me, never shall be free.' But freedom is an illusion, anyway.

Valerian Kimble, wouldn't hurt a fly, does track at school, loves animals and drawing on her sketch pad. So imagine her surprise when she starts getting notes from an unknown stalker. Who in their right mind would want to hurt her? Well in this case I'll have to agree with Mrs Kimble, the question answers itself. 

You can choose to see me as your prison or your pasture. Either way, you will wear my bridle. But I warn you now - my expectations are higher; I hope for your sake, that you can say the same. Because I've decided that if I can't have you, nobody else shall, either.

Gavin Mecozzi, student at Valerian's highschool and TA to her art teacher. His known as hit-list man to everyone else, but Valerian sees a different side to his persona. Yes he ma be brooding and intense, but he's also intelligent and has become a good friend. Why is everyone so scared of him? 

My Thoughts 

This was my reaction while reading Fearscape 

And Finally

I bow to your genius Nenia Campbell! You managed to mess with my mind!!! I am both scared and in love with the character you have written!!!