Damaged and the Knight (Damaged, #2) - Bijou Hunter So it's safe to say that my favourite Smith sister is Tawny! She may have been way more broken than Farah but she was much stronger than her too!Damaged and the Knight is Tawny and Judd's story. Okay firstly I like to mention the title of this this book because it's very aptly named. Obviously when I say Damaged I mean Tawny and the Knight is obviously Judd, but when I think about it now both Tawny and Judd were damaged they both had difficult pasts, they couldn't connect with other people because they felt they weren't worthy. But at the same time they saved each other, Tawny was able to bring the goodness out of Judd, she made him realise that he had goodness inside himself.Whereas Judd showed Tawny that she was lovable, that what happened to her didn't taint her, that people didn't see what she saw in the mirror.So yes, the title work both ways.Why did I like this book?Well I don't like reading about perfect heroines, I don't like reading about the good girl who fell for the bad boy, that just never interests me. But I do like bad boys, everyone does. I like them even more when they fall for a less than perfect heroine. Yes I love a cocky bastard, but he's even hotter when he can tell the woman he loves, why she's so important to him. This was Judd.Tawny was refreshing, she could stand up for herself and she could claim her man without sounding like a conceited b!tch. Yes she had some self esteem issues, but because of what happened to her and how young she was, it's more than understandable.The WritingI honestly and truly enjoyed it, the author says it like it is and I appreciate that. She's very raw and graphic, this is another thing I like. I don't like reading graphic books, out of some perverse fascination. Nope! Having the detail taken out of what would be a gruesome or horrifying scene is like watching a movie without popcorn. Incomplete!Issues I had with this bookPlease don't cringe there was only one lol!!!Tawny could read people, okay I get that. But... I felt like it was completely random... That is all!And finally this is for Bailey!Note to AuthorThe whole Lark and weird step brother situation... I think there's a story there... Hmmmmm???? Maybe a spinoff???