Edge of Obsession (SKALS, #3) - Adriana Noir 5++++++ GIVE ME A MINUTE NOIR HAS DONE IT AGAIN STARS!!!I am sitting here and my mind is blown!!! Miss Noir has wowed me again, this series just keeps getting better and better!!! Adriana Noir's writing is dark, gritty, it draws you in. Take no prisoners! That's her writing style! I am a proud minion!!!SKALS. That one word/acronym should have you quaking in your boots, they're fast and lethal. You don't mess with them, they will take you down and they won't hold back. A group of men, lethal machines, trained using the most harsh and brutal methods. Once you're in there's no turning back. Sebastian Baas. Love the man, he isn't perfect and he knows it! His job turns him into a cold and heartless man, there is know going to far. He does whatever it takes to finish the job and he does it well! Now I've read many books with anti-heroes and I always have one problem. The character does a complete 180 halfway through the book, he becomes this caring character with a conscious, not that Sebby doesn't care for Taylor. But it's he's own brand of love, it's deep and you can't question it.Miss Noir has written the perfect anti-hero, he's dangerous and flawed. But he's trying to change, he wants to change but it isn't always easy! Here's my point ladies and gentlemen: This gives the story credibility! And Miss Noir has done it! Don't make me like the character! I can make up my own mind! Thank you!I think I'll quote out of the book for Taylor. "There is strength in surrender"There were never truer words! Taylor loves Sebastian, but sometimes his actions scare her, and yes she even thinks of leaving him too. But if you're like me and know Sebastian's character, you know that this will never happen! I love Taylor's character, she has balls! I don't think anyone could live her life and still be sane. Final ThoughtsSebby and Taylor's relationship has matured, I think they both understand each other better. Sebby has many enemies, who would like to destroy the life he has built with Taylor. His job is becoming a bigger threat to his personal life and I have a few theories on what he will do to fix this problem. By the way I will never go to a dinner hosted by Sebastian Baas! I just had to say that LMAO!!! Finally wow, that ending! Gaaaah!!! I need the next book right now!!!!ARC kindly provided by author [a:Adriana Noir|6554386|Adriana Noir|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/1363391886p2/6554386.jpg]in return for an honest review!