Seduce (Beautiful Rose, #0.5) - Missy Johnson LIVE ON AMAZON!!!5 ++++ Heart Breaking Stars!!!The inside is not always as beautiful as the shell.Meet Jack Falcon, 25 year old business man and playboy extraordinaire. He's hot, successful and he damn well knows it! He never lacks for female attention, he has a different woman on his arm and in his bed every night. Life couldn't get any better! Or could it??? And is his life that wonderful, or does it just look that way?When he sees Belle, he's determined to sleep with her and have her out of his system right after. But his plan turns on him when, he is wrought with feelings he never thought he would have. Belle means something to him, he can't function without her. His life is so much better with her in it.With everything against them, they slowly fall in love with one another. Their love is sensuous, tentative but it will not be denied. Jack becomes a new man, more caring and less aware of his own charm. His self doubt is what ultimately jeopardizes his relationship with Belle. Will he be able to stop himself from sabotaging his relationship with Belle? Can Belle make him realise how much she loves him?My ThoughtsWhen I started reading this book, I thought I was going to read about an egotistical male chauvinist! Just the way I like them! But this book was so much more, it's a book about how love knows no boundaries. Love will not be squashed, so that it may disappear. Love is persistent until you turn around and accept it. This book touched my heart, it made me cry, laugh and cry again!!! Everyone deserves a second chance, and however love comes to us, how ever fleeting it leaves a distinct mark on us!ARC kindly provided by author [a:Missy Johnson|6984258|Missy Johnson|] for an honest review