Found (Lost & Found, #2) - Nadia Simonenko Found picks up right where Lost left off. Maria and Owen are happy together and they seem to have settled into the relationship. In Lost, Maria was the broken one, who needed Owen to help her heal, they had both gone through tragic experiences that had shaped them into the people they were.Having Owen in her life has changed Maria, where she was once fragile and weary of everyone, she now feels safe and accepted with Owen by her side.But unfortunately Owen's life begins to unravel or rather catch up with him. He gets terrible news from home, and begins to blame himself for what happened. It doesn't help that it seems everyone is against him. Not knowing how to react to the situation he pushes Maria away, a decision he immediately regrets.Maria is not willing to let Owen retreat into himself, she's there for him every step of the way. Helping him when he has to make the most difficult decision he's ever made in his entire life. Even when this is all over it seems Owens pain is still not over, his dream, his education might be at risk. Owen goes on a downward spiral, his thoughts are in a dark place. He sabotages his relationship with Maria and she's not there to help him when he needs her most. But she ultimately pulls him out of it and they both realise how much they need each other.This was a great ending to the series (at least I think it's the end), I'm glad it wasn't dragged out. Found is a story about loss, pain and healing and I like reading books like this even though it doesn't always seem like I do. I got really attached to the characters. It was great to see how Maria had blossomed into a stronger person, she was always there for Owen when he needed her.I really felt like this was Owen's book, and Lost was more Maria's book, although both books were written in dual POV's. The letter at the end was a great a touch, I have to say this was a very satisfying read. Thank you to the author for allowing me to read and review this story. ARC courtesy of author [a:Nadia Simonenko|6940644|Nadia Simonenko|] in exchange for an honest review!