Blind Attraction (Reckless Beat, #1) - Eden Summers 4.5 Entertaining Stars!!!You know what??? I liked it, I really, really liked this book!!!This book was totally engaging, funny and sweet. I liked both the hero and the heroine and I got what I'd been looking for!!! A bunch of thrilling emotions and plenty of hot sex!Alana Shelton is at her very first rock concert, and she's thrilled. Never mind that she barely knows the band and she's surrounded by a crowd of screaming panty-throwing women, she's still excited. This is the fist step toward her freedom. You see she's lived most of her life on a reserve with her mentally fragile mother. She's been around men much and she's also very leery of them, which doesn't help the situation.When she sees the lead guitarist of Reckless Beat (Mitchell Davies) staring down at her from the stage, she literally cannot believe it. But her doubts are blown out the water, when he braves screaming fans to ask her to join him for a drink after the show!When Mitchell sees the hot brunette with green eyes, he immediately wants her. She isn't like the rest of the fans, when she catches him looking at her she doesn't bat her lashes at him or try to reveal more are her assets to him. Instead she looks away and blushes, Mitch isn't used to this and he immediately wants to know who she is!When they finally get to have that drink together, a disgruntled ex-employee ruins everything by trying to attack Mitchell but instead hurts Alana!!! Mitchell immediately feels responsible and insists that he'll help her, but he also has ulterior motives. This is his chance to have Alana, work her out of his system because he doesn't understand why he's so drawn to her.Because of Alana's injuries she's completely dependent on Mitchell, although she's hesitant at first, she trusts Mitchell. He's in no way how her mom told her men were like. He's caring, well mannered and she's definitely not scared of him!In only a few short days, Alana and Mitchell's feelings grow at a fast pace. But that didn't bother me at all! Although Alana has had a sheltered upbringing she wasn't scared to tell Mitchell how she felt. She wasn't a doormat, if she didn't like something she told him! Mitchell is an alpha male, who'll do whatever it takes to get what he wants! But he's also thoughtful, caring, sweet and utterly adorable! I really enjoyed reading about Alana's life, the secrets her mom kept from her were huge, but understandably so. Mitchell's band mate and best friend Blake was hot!!! I hope the next book is about him! Read this book!!!