Sinister Kisses (SKALS, #1) - Adriana Noir 5 Stars!!!So when I saw the disclaimer for this book, I was like "Hell yeah, I wanna read that!"**DISCLAIMER** This is not your average romance. It's a dark, gritty, erotic thriller with a heavy emphasis on plot. It also contains elements of dominance and discipline with dubious consent, psychological conditioning, and mental manipulation. There’s also gunfire and violence. If any of this offends you, this may not be the book for youTaylor and Sebastian meet when Taylor stumbles in on a a gruesome scene in the woods, it doesn't look good and Taylor fears for her life. But Sebastian Baas steps in and saves her life. His prize? One date with Taylor, even though she sees something sinister lurking beneath his cool demeanor and impeccable manners, she agrees.And yes it's all about the insta-lust at first, but you have to understand. Sebastian is determined when it comes to Taylor, she never had a chance, when she hesitates he persuades her and she changes her mind. I loved that the author gave us POV's from Taylor and Sebastian even though the story is written in the third person.We're given a glimpse into what Sebastian does for a living and it isn't pretty. Sebastian is completely different when he's on a job, he's focused, ruthless and absolutely cut-throat. He keeps this side of himself a secret from Taylor, and for awhile she falls for it.But pieces of he's darker side start leaking into their relationship. Sebastian is a man who likes control, he doesn't use control to get off. No, control for Sebastian is like breathing, he needs it to survive, Taylor had no chance in this case. Her submissive personality fed Sebastian's craving to control everything about her.This is where the line between possessive and abusive started blurring, the screwed up thing about all of it was that I kept on making up these excuses for Sebastian. And rightfully so because everything went down hill when Sebastian was told to kill his brother's family. Sebastian hesitated and in his line of work that's a weakness, so he was locked up for two weeks and conditioned. This is a way of molding him into the perfect candidate for his job. When he comes back to Taylor he's completely different and Taylor is scared of what he might do.Taylor's fears are brought to life when Sebastian takes back the control he lost by controlling Taylor. Although Sebastian is a strong man, when it comes to Taylor he is very unsure of himself although he never shows it. He's constantly afraid she will leave him. He doesn't just control her in the bedroom but also in her every day life, telling her who she can see and speak to, keeping her away from friends and family. "Don't talk back. Don't argue. Just listen and take those warnings to heart because I won't give them again."Ok I don't wanna ruin all the good bits, but he got pretty twisted, I mean at one point I was like. OMFG!!! He's gonna fuckin' kill her!!!My final views on this book. Freakin awesome!!! Sebastian isn't your conventional hero, he's broken, twisted and thrives on the pain of others even the woman he loves. The stuff he did near the end was not cool, but it's only a book and it did come with a warning. I feel kinda sick for actually liking this book, but I'm about to start the second one, so there! Hahaha!!!P.S. This is in no way a BDSM novella! BDSM is consensual and some of the scenes in this book weren't.