Josh and Hannah (Redwood Falls, #1) - Lynda Chance 4 I love Miss Lynda Chance's writing Stars!!!It's guilty pleasure time!!!I am so biased when it comes to Lynda Chance! Seriously it's like she got inside my head and wrote a book just for me! And it worked!Oh Josh! Thank gawd you're legal because I am so perving right now!!! A story using the age old plot of star crossed lovers and forbidden love!Josh and Hannah were utterly adorable! Hannah is the town princess, she comes from a wealthy and affluent family. Josh is the misunderstood guy from the wrong side of the tracks, his father is a bum and everyone expects him to be the same.Josh is the ultimate alpha male in the making! The words that came out of his mouth were utterly orgasmic to me! I was in heaven!"Repeat after me, princess. Josh wants me." Shock and heat filled her system and she gasped. His fingers shifted, slipped into her hair and his voice hissed our. "I'm serious. Repeat it. Josh wants me." "Josh, please--" "Now! he barked and she jumped. 'Josh w-wants me, her voice came out shaky and soft. "Josh wants me so bad his guts are tied in knots of constant pain," he pounded the words through his teeth and waited. His Eyes seared into hers and she attempted to answer. "Josh wants me s-so bad--" she found it impossible to say and her words dwindled off. He reached and his fingers twisted her hair until he was holding her face in both of his strong hands. He continued to punch out his words in third person. "He thinks about me constantly." As he spoke, his gaze ran over her lips, her nose, and the hair that he held in his hands.Oh young love! I won't say much more, beside that I really enjoyed it!