Topping From Below - Laura Reese Nietzsche wrote; "Whoever fights monsters should see to it that he does not become a monster in the process."This isn't "Fifty Shades of Grey" ladies...This was the most twisted and vile book I've ever read in my entire life! Although the subject matter was an abomination, I cannot and will not give it a low rating, I don't know who this author is, what her internal dialogue was while writing this book. Where she got the material for her book is a very disturbing thought! But I will say this, the biatch can write the sh!t out of a book!There are some scenes in this book, that I just cannot forget! One particular scene, whenever I think about it, I feel claustrophobic!!At the moment I can't even look at my own dog, my mind is just plain raw! I feel like I've been chewed up and spat out again!Dear author, you dedicated this book to your family! WTF for???? Why would you do that???This was dark, this wasn't erotica. This was a thriller slash horror! Seriously think very carefully before you read this book! It contains the highest form of humiliation a human being can be exposed to, and trust me the scenes will replay themselves over and over again in your head. Just don't read this book! I still don't wanna look at my dog!