Undeclared (Woodlands, #1) - Jen Frederick ARC provided by author for an honest review5 stars!!!I really enjoyed this reading book. When I read the blurb the first thing that stood out for me was MARINE. Lol! I'm a sucker for a man in uniform! Grace writes to Noah a marine she's never met as part of a school assignment. This was so cute because they literally sent each other letters via post. In the beginning the letters were quite innocent, but they slowly started becoming a ray of light for Noah and Grace and they fell in love. But unfortunately they lost contact because of demons from Noah's past. Yes people a tortured hero! Grace is devastated when she doesn't hear from Noah for almost two years.But fate has a way of working its way into our lives and Grace and Noah see each other again in college. At first Grace doesn't believe it's him, at this point I was groaning in frustration. My internal dialogue was "Grace wake the hell up, it's Noah dammit!" But when she does realize it's him she avoids him like the plague!But never fear Noah won't have any of that and begins to pursue her relentlessly. And boy is Noah relentless! The words that came out of his mouth had me fanning myself!"I'd like to lay you across this table and eat you out and I don't care if the entire bar watches."Oh my!!! Not only is Noah a Marine but he's also a fighter. When I read that, Noah's hotness skyrocketed for me! I don't know about you but reading about a hot muscly man who's a marine aaaand a mixed martial arts fighter had me in seventh heaven!"There was only one acceptable act after fighting and that was fucking. If I didn't get Grace alone for a minute I was going to explode"Whew!!! See what I mean! Grace was swooning and I was swooning along with her! Although Noah has this gruff and rugged exterior he is the sweetest boyfriend ever, taking care of Grace and always there for her. Sigh! But he was also possessive of her letting everyone know that she was his!"I bent down and instead of kissing her lips, I pulled her hair aside ,exposing her neck and pressed a hot wet bite to the soft flesh right above her shoulder. Her breath hitched in surprise. I didn't even raise my head but turned my face slightly so I could could look at the guy with challenge in my eyes. She's mine I told him silently."Yep! I was in heaven! Their relationship isn't an easy one and honestly I don't want to give the entire story away but in the end love conquers all! And now I wait in anticipation for Bo's story! Yes people there's more! Another marine to be exact! Just read it!