Henry (The Beck Brothers #1) - Andria Large 4 Short but Sweet Stars!!!When I started reading this I was expecting a smutty read, boy was I wrong!Claire is a single mother to her two year old son Ethan. On her first day as Henry Beck's personal assistant she realizes she may be in trouble. Why you ask? Well Henry is the hottest boss Claire has ever had.Henry is immediately attracted to Claire, but won't pursue her because she is an employee. But fate has other plans and they are thrown together at every available moment, the last straw is when Henry runs into Claire while she's on a date and he realizes that he can't ignore he's feelings for her anymore.This book was sooo cute, Henry and Ethan Claire's son were so adorable together! And even though the book is quite short, Henry and Claire's relationship progressed quite normally nothing happened overnight. And what can I say I love epilogues because they give that extra detail to a happy ending!Henry (he did this thing with his hair when he got irritated)Claire And finally I had to add a picture of Ethan