Driven (The Driven Trilogy, #1) - K. Bromberg I hate to say this but I dnf'ed at 68%.I just wasn't feeling it anymore. It started off really well, don't get me wrong this book is seriously well written and there is some extensive character development with some angst thrown in. But unfortunately it just wasn't enough for me. I felt it was drawn out, I didn't like the heroine, Some of her behavior I understood but she had some serious self esteem issues. I mean everyone was a threat including her best friend. One minute she's sure of herself the next she's comparing herself to every woman out there. She needed constant reminder of how beautiful she is, and I understand why, it's just that the confidence that she periodically exuded didn't gel with basket case she was most of the time.Now I understand not everyone likes reading the same thing, so in no way am I saying don't read this book. Reading is a very personal thing and we can't all agree on the same stuff. This book reeled me in, but somewhere along the line I lost that connection.