Hopeless - Colleen Hoover A million Stars in the sky!!!I think I found it, that story that's changed my life! Not to sound overly dramatic, but it did! It made me laugh, cry and sometimes both of those at the same time. This is a coming of age story, but in the most extreme and worst circumstances. It's a story about firsts.This was a story about love, and how it is timeless, forgiving and ultimately how love it is everlasting. Love never fades with time it never forgets. Love just is.Holder and Sky's first meeting isn't story book perfect, Sky is at first weary of Holder and later on becomes distrustful of his interest in her because of what she has heard.First ImpressionsAlthough Sky hesitates whenever she feels any emotion around Holder, he doesn't, he finally he shows her how to really feel. One of their many firsts.But Sky's road to emotional freedom is one filled with new discoveries and heartaches. The one time where she lets herself go and feels liberated, her beliefs in her life are tested.But sometimes happiness comes with painOne of the things that stood out for me, was Holder's love for Sky he never once let her to deal with anything alone, never willingly. He was passionate about her and let her know. He was an intense guy who felt everything with his whole soul. Love, anger, hate, sorrow and hopelessness.I'm not gonna give a blow by blow account of this book because then I'd end up just giving it all away. All I can say is if you haven't read it. Read it. It's beautiful, it's wonderfully written. It's believable, it'll make you think. It will make you appreciate your life, because frankly Sky's story is one so many girls share. Hopeless is about pain and loss and love. I cried while I read this book, I had to put my reader down so I didn't get tears on the screen(love my reader). I loved it! Enough said!