Earning the Cut (Riding the Line, #0.5) - Jayna Vixen 5 Stars!!!What a great introduction to a series and I got it for free on Amazon!! I even got a little teaser for the first book in the series! I got to really dive into Dax's head, it was like watching an alpha in the making. I loved it and I just know that Satin and Steel is gonna be great!!!I really enjoyed reading about Dax's early life, how innocent he was. And then how he slowly becomes this confident man. He grew up hard, never knowing a mother's love. But when he meets the president of The Phantom's its like he's come home.A lot of us got stuck with a shitty set of cards. That don't mean you lay down and take it. It means you stand up stronger.He learns a lot from Crow who is almost like a father figure to him. Crow understands him because he knows where he comes from. Crow teaches Dax about family, he and his crew become Dax's family.I have learned that blood doesn't make family. Maybe being in a club is in my blood and maybe I'll never know.This story is all about how Dax becomes the man he is. It's a sneak peak into the mind of a young boy who will become a strong and confident alpha male.I am making myself a solid promise, to create my own code of honor and live by it as best I can, like Crow did. No bird flies a straight line, but I've landed here, and here is where I'm gonna stay. I'm gonna live this life right.