Unbeautifully Loved (Unbeautiful Life, #1) - Emma Grayson 3.5 Stars!I enjoyed this book, Lexie's past broke my heart. The characters were very well written and I felt a connection with everyone except Lukas, I would've loved to get inside his head, he seemed like such an intense and open person. He never hid his feelings from Lexie, she new he wanted her from the get go even if she didn't want to see it. Lexie came off as a very independent and strong woman, which made sense if you look at her difficult past. She frustrated me though when Lukas would tell her to do something because he was trying to protect her and she would immediately refuse only because she didn't like being told what to do! I mean dammit Lexie he's trying to protect you he's not Dex! Finn was too precious! And Mollie is the most awesome friend a person could ask for. All in all great story, very well developed characters, with some intense loving and a very happy ending! And finally that teaser at the end! Sounds awesome!