Fall Guy (Youngblood, #1) - Liz Reinhardt I couldn't agree more. I really liked Evan's character, she seemed like a strong girl who'd made a mistake and realized the error of her ways. Enter Winchester Youngblood, I wanted to like this guy but I couldn't seriously I tried but he let me down over and over again. He had this unwavering loyalty to to his family and felt as if he owed them something. Seriously they said jump and he was like "how high?". And whenever he's brother was in trouble he would immediately drop everything and come to his rescue. I don't even want to get started on the brother, he's older brother might I add. What a mess! Seriously this guy had no sense of responsibility, he was like a baby and everyone had to walk on eggshells around him! He made me sick! And whenever Evan would try and point this out Winchester would just stand up for him and his family! I'm sorry to say this but Winchester was just plain weak, Evan had to initiate everything! Even when he's father was being unreasonable, she stood up for him and only then did he find the guts to say something! As for the rest of the family, they all had loud opinions when it came to everything else except when it had something to do with Winch. He was like their freaking babysitter cleaning up after them! God I felt so sorry for this guy at times. I was seriously exasperated the entire time I read this book, I have some real respect for Evan and what she put up with because I found myself saying "Eff him Evan he's not worth it!" But she stuck by him through it all,I don't think I want to read Benelli's story because I really didn't like her. I gave this story three stars because even though I didn't like what happened I still had to know the story, I was still interested and that's huge for me because if I don't like a book I abandon ship no questions asked.