Lost (Lost & Found, #1) - Nadia Simonenko 4.5 stars! Okay so I really enjoyed reading Lost, it was basically the most realistic book that I've ever read. Maria and Owen are two very broken people who are trying to piece together their lives after extreme emotional trauma and when they meet they begin to help each overcome the obstacles on their journey to healing. I really appreciated the fact that the book was in both their POV's. The book starts off with a memory from Owen's past and quite frankly it was pretty heart wrenching, I mean I got scared when he got scared and I cried when he cried. Then we meet Maria who is just as broken as he is, Maria I feel had ptsd because her memories were quite graphic and paralysing. I thought of skipping through some of what she went through just because I don't like thinking about stuff like that but I didn't because that would have taken away from the overall experience. I really enjoyed this book and even though it was really quite sad the ending left me smiling and glad that I had read it.