An Unplanned Lesson - Beth Rinyu I'm so glad that I read this book. It started off slow in the beggining but as the story progressed I got really into it, but then I also got frustrated like really frustrated. Nicole has a major issue throughout this book and its a huge stumbling block for any relationship she's ever been in and her relationship with Dailan O' Maley. I got really angry at her and would have slapped her if I could have. I almost didn't finish reading this book just because I was at 60% and I still didn't know what her problem was. The way I saw it her behaviour was ridiculous there was no issue that bad that could make her act so stupidly! Not to mention her parents and sister especially her dad who basically treated her as if she was a stranger all because of this one issue! I was fuming, I mean her own father! And I still didn't know what it was. Then finally at the most perfect moment I realised what it was, I mean I had my suspicions but my suspicions and what it actually was were completely different. I was flabbergasted, blown away. I just sat there with my jaw on my knees. And then everything made sense and I felt so bad for her but not her family because there was no excuse for how they treated her! The ending was perfect and everything just fell into place wonderfully. Excellent!