Possess Me Slowly (Shattered, #2) - Joya Ryan 2.5 StarsWhile covering for a barman at the hotel she's a manager at, Megan Riley meets Preston. She's immediately attracted to him and vice versa. Preston persuades her into going up to his hotel suite and spending the night with him.Thing is this is Megan's first one night stand, so she's out of her element and so the next morning she leaves Preston asleep in bed and does the walk of shame home, she's looking forward to a day off from work.Alas, she gets a phone call from the hotel saying she must come in immediately!!! The hotel owner must speak to her!!! My, my whatever could it be??? Did the owner find out she slept with one of the patron's???Oh the mystery! Oh the intrigue!She walks into the hotel owners office, and what do you know!!!! It's freakin' Preston!!! He wants to know why she left him???He proposes!!! You see his father is retiring and he has 3% shares in the hotel, Preston has 49% and his brother has 48% His father doesn't want to give Preston his 3% because he isn't a family man! So Preston comes up with this ingenious idea, Megan should marry him to show his father that he can settle down.And wait for it there's a contract!!! Preston has a secret in his past, something that scarred him. He goes nuts if anyone mentions it!!! He never wants to have children!Poor Megan who is supporting her retired parents is under a lot of stress, which gives her an ear infection!!! She gets a course of antibiotics, meantime she and Preston are going at it like bunny rabbits!!! Soon after she starts feeling queasy! Oh whatever could it be????Ummmmm not!!!And guess what???? She's pregnant! Pregnant, I tell you!!! Who would have known!!!Silly Preston, pushes her away because he thinks she's after his money!!! But she isn't, he realises his mistake and they live happily ever after!!!