Hunting Laura - J.A. Bailey image

Laura is an independent and strong woman, so it's a shock even to herself when she starts attending Hollybourne School for Slaves. She's sure nothing at the school can scare her until she meets her mentor or master, Hunter. The name suits the man because, whenever she si around him she feel like prey.

While at Hollybourne she struggles to give in to her cravings and the seductive quality of Hunters dominance.



Hunter, a brooding and intense man. Being a Dom is who he is, he thrives on control and dominance. When he sees Laura, all he want to do is possess her and have her thrown out of the school.

Their relationship is a tug of war, both fighting to stay on top. One of them gives in, the other stays in control.

My Thoughts

This short novella was bloody hot!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it! Hunter is my type of brooding alpha male, and Laura was sassy but not so much that I got annoyed.