Used (Getting Inside of V, #1)

Used (Getting Inside of V, #1) - Kate Lynne image

Please note that this short novella contains scene with F/F, F/M/F

To be honest had this book not been so short, I would have probably dnf it! I'm not a fan of books with scenes that include more than two people or two females. Not because I'm a prude but because it does nothing for me, and reading a book like that would be pointless.

That being said, kudos to the author for writing such a bold and unapologetic book! The heroine or anti-heroine had no redeeming qualities, I didn't like her right of the bat and that never changed. Yes she had a difficult past, but none of this justifies the person she is.

On to the sex scenes, I found them rather clinical and the dialogue rather rehearsed.
For example: "F*ck her mouth! Do it hard!"
The MC was constantly shouting orders like a drill sergeant, I found it unnecessary. I get she's into control, but she was the only person shouting, it just didn't ring true.

And finally the big reveal at the end. It was just entirely too dramatic, it was interesting getting POV's from all the characters, but I found myself asking,
"but why?"

ARC copy reviewed for Read More Sleep Less Blog