A Whisper To A Scream (The Sociopath Diaries)

A Whisper To A Scream - Lauren Hammond 4.5 Stars!!!Wow! What a roller coaster of emotions! Gripping, thrilling, creepy and at times funny!!!AdamThe prologue was amazing and really just pulled me in I had to know more! We meet Adam as a young child, he's confused and has these deep, dark cravings. Although he's a child without emotion he knows immediately that these craving aren't normal and keeps them too himself. As he grows older he tries to suppress them and hides them behind a facade. He becomes the perfect poster child, a young man who is the pride of his family. But secrets have a way of showing themselves when you least expect it.He slips up, but luckily for him a new job offer for his father takes him and his family away to another town. He vows to become a new person and hold the urges back. And then he meets Ellory, when she's around he for the first time in his life he feels like a normal teenage boy. He forgets about all his wrong doings and is drawn into her light and pure world.ElloryWhen Ellory sees Adam she's blown away by his good looks like every girl in the school. But when she sees who he's friends are she immediately hates him. But Adam realises he wants Ellory she's the light he needs to bring him out of his dark thoughts, finally Ellory gives in.Their relationship changes Ellory she becomes happier person who was, but she soon realises, that somethings not right with Adam. Adam pushes her away when he feels he's too far gone and the urges are overwhelming. At this point everything and everyone are in turmoil in the book, it's a constant push and pull of emotions.After a few close calls and a discovery, we come to a shattering finale (which isn't really), where secrets are exposed and new truths are uncovered! I need the next book now!!!