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The Retribution of Mara Dyer - Michelle Hodkin SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!


So I've bee stalking Michelle Hodkin on every social website available to me and this is what I found. I haven't read the teaser by the way :)))

Copied from Michelle Hodkin's Tumblr:

Death, kids, and books.

My mother says that only two things in life are permanent: death and children. You can’t undo either of them. You can’t ever take back having a child, and you can’t ever bring someone back to life.

This has always been a comforting idea for me. Think about it: pretty much any mistakes you make in life you can unmake! You can move on from a failing grade, or a failing relationship. You’re never stuck, or trapped, no matter how stuck or trapped you might feel. You can always start fresh. Start over. Reboot.

But in the last few years, I’ve realized that there’s a third thing that you can’t ever undo. Most people won’t have the chance to discover this third thing, but I have. You can’t undo a book.

Once it’s published, and people read it, it’s out there. Forever. You can’t ever unwrite it, or go back and change it. It may go out of print someday, or fade out of public consciousness if you were ever lucky enough to have your book become part of the public consciousness in the first place, but its still something that can be found and will exist forever in whatever form you wrote it in. Whatever mistakes you’ve made in it are permanent, on the page and in people’s minds.

When I’m having a hard time making a choice, which is a lot because I’m a naturally cautious and indecisive person, I try to do that which I will regret the least. And in working on the third book in the Mara Dyer trilogy for the past 16 months, I came to realize that I would regret asking Simon & Schuster to push back the book less than I would regret having them publish the wrong book. And they have been nothing but patient and understanding about it.

Sometimes you have a moment of clarity when you realize the book you’re writing is not the book you should be writing, that it’s a good story, maybe, but it isn’t the story you need to tell. You’d think that it can’t happen with the third book in a trilogy, but it can. It did. It happened to me, and I know I’m not the only one.

I’ve finished The Retribution of Mara Dyer three times now. The first first draft of it, semi-complete at 87,000 words, was just blowing out the cobwebs, as they say. I scrapped almost all of it. Then I started on a new draft, which was actually pretty good. Really good, in parts. But as I wrote, the deeper in I got the more I realized that while it was starting to take shape as an awesome story, it wasn’t the story I needed to be writing. It wasn’t the end of Mara’s story—it was the beginning of something else, something different. So I put it aside completely for now, and started over again on the book I needed to be writing, and I’ve been working on it since.

I can’t tell you much about it, but I can tell you this: I love it. I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever written, and I think you will too. It’s shocking and provocative and wild and a bunch of other adjectives I won’t use because spoilers, but the important thing is: I’m proud of it. And a thing I want you to know: the ending to the trilogy has always, always been the same, since the second I had the idea for the series. Only the beginning and the middle have changed. (So, you know, nothing important).

So that is all to say, The Retribution of Mara Dyer will not be coming out this October. It will be coming out in 2014. When specifically, I do not know. When I do, I will tell you personally, and I will make sure that the date I give you is the official date. I am so, so sorry to disappoint you—you can’t possibly know how sorry I am—but not as sorry as I would be if I gave you the wrong story. The Retribution of Mara Dyer is finally right now, and the ending of the trilogy, which you will read in 2014, will be the right ending. And I can’t be sorry for that.

But to soften the blow, how about a teaser?

[Here be spoilers, under the cut]

The first thing I noticed when I woke up was that I was covered in blood.

The second thing I noticed was that this didn’t bother me the way it should have.

I didn’t feel the urge to scream or speak, to beg for help, or even to wonder where I was. Those instincts were dead, and I was calm as my wet fingers slid up the tiled wall, groping for a light switch. I found one without even having to stand. Four lights slammed on above me, one after the other, illuminating the dead body on the floor just a few feet away.

My mind processed the facts first. Male. Heavy. He was lying face down in a wide, red puddle that spread out from beneath him. The tips of his curly black hair were wet with it. There was something in his hand.

The fluorescent lights in the white room flickered and buzzed and hummed. I moved to get a better view of the body. His eyes were closed. He could have been asleep, really, if it weren’t for the blood. There was so much of it. And by one of his hands it was smeared into a weird pattern.

No. Not a pattern. Words.


My gaze flicked to his hand. His fist was curled around a small tape recorder. I moved his fingers—still warm—and pressed play. A male voice started to speak.

"Do I have your attention?" the voice said.

I knew that voice. But I couldn’t believe I was hearing it.

Making Faces

Making Faces - Amy Harmon image

Going in to this book, I thought I new what to expect. I new it had a military theme because I'd read the blurb and I thought I new what was going to happen.

So imagine my surprise when I read it and discovered that it wasn't at all about what I expected. This is Fern and Ambrose's story, but it's about so much more than that. It's a story about loss, pain and self acceptance.

Making Faces sends a messages to the reader. For me the one word that came to mind is Perception. We all have our own perceptions, when you look at someone how does your perception of them differ from someone else. What constitutes beauty and is our understanding of it flawed.


Ambrose, is the town's pride. He's handsome, athletic, he has the perfect life. At least on the outside that's how it seems, until one day an event that changed the world forced him to look at his own life differently.

So five friends just out of high school go off to war but their time is cut short when and Ambrose comes back by alone. Broken and filled with guilt he lives inside of himself, until a girl he never paid much attention to forces him out of the shell he's built around himself.


Fern, an extraordinary soul that came in an ordinary package. She's loved Ambrose for as long as she can remember. When he left he took a little bit of her heart with him, so when he comes back she's elated and filled with guilt at the same time.

Fern has "ugly girl syndrome", she doesn't see the beauty she has, both inside and outside. But as she and Ambrose slowly begin to discover each others secrets, she slowly comes out of her own shell.


This book touched my heart, I honestly have no clue what else to say besides READ THIS BOOK I cried so much, but it was bittersweet, I was heart broken I was over joyed. This isn't one of those books where death or disease is used as trigger for the reader, the author doesn't force you to feel a certain way. The story tells itself and because of that you feel a part of it.

This book will leave you with an egg sized blob of emotion in your throat, it's really beautiful. I'm sitting here writing this review trying to find something I didn't love about it and I can't. I love to feel and this book allowed me too.


ARC kindly provided by author and appreciated by me :)

The Bride Wore White (The Captive Bride, #1)

The Bride Wore White (The Captive Bride, #1) - Dominique D. DuBois Good stuff! Missed the dialogue though.

More Than This (More #1)

More Than This (More #1) - Jay McLean 4 So Much More Stars


Mikayla has everything going for her. A loving family, a hot boyfriend and a best friend, it seems nothing could happen to ruin the life she's living. Until the night of her prom when everything falls apart, everything she's always held dear ripped from her life. Everything she has always believed in is proved to have been a lie.

The one thing that anchors her and prevents her from drifting away is Jake. A chance meeting but he becomes her saving grace, the one who pulls her out of the darkness threatening to swallow her whole.



Before meeting Kayla, Jake had only one goal in mind. Starting his career in sports. Nothing has ever distracted has ever meant more than this, until Mikayla comes into his life. He wants her badly and is prepared to wait as long as she needs, he's protective of her, doesn't want to see her hurt.


Their relationship is tentative at first, but as time goes by the begin to have deeper feelings for each other. Mikayla's traumatic experience is all that stands in their way. It's up to Jake to show her that he can help her, that pushing him away is the worst thing she could do. He has to prove how much he loves her flaws and all, that by being together she can heal.

Final Thoughts
I genuinely enjoyed this book. I loved Jake, he was the perfect blend of sweetness and alpha male. He never gave up on Mikayla. I liked Mikayla too, although her logic was a bit exasperating at times, but it was understandable, seeing as she had gone through something traumatic. The dialogue between the characters and writing was very realistic making this book very engaging so I was never bored. The angst wasn't over done so I didn't feel overwhelmed which makes it a great read in my opinion.

My Masters' Nightmare (Season 1, Episode 1)

My Masters' Nightmare (Season 1, Episode 1) - Marita A. Hansen IT'S LIVE!!!


A woman on a war path. Out for revenge, no matter what the cost. Subjecting herself to the lowest of to the vilest of experiences. SHe infiltrates the most tight nit of organisations, expecting one thing but is shocked to finds something else.

A mafia family like no other. Nothing is as it seems. A mind fuck of epic proportions.


I was anxious, I was highly aroused. And I was riveted! For such a short novella, I was surprised to find that characters where complex and were not one dimensional.

You won't no who to root for, all the characters have redeeming qualities. Well except one...

The author was bold, wrote shocking scenes that make the story more believable are something I love. I think this series will have them in spades.

Note from Author: Like a television series, My Masters' Nightmare is broken up into seasons and episodes. A new episode will be published every 3 weeks until a season has ended. There will be fifteen episodes per season.

Dark is back...

ARC kindly provided by author in turn for an honest review


Stolen - Jordan Silver That was hot!!! :D
Hunting Laura - J.A. Bailey image

Laura is an independent and strong woman, so it's a shock even to herself when she starts attending Hollybourne School for Slaves. She's sure nothing at the school can scare her until she meets her mentor or master, Hunter. The name suits the man because, whenever she si around him she feel like prey.

While at Hollybourne she struggles to give in to her cravings and the seductive quality of Hunters dominance.



Hunter, a brooding and intense man. Being a Dom is who he is, he thrives on control and dominance. When he sees Laura, all he want to do is possess her and have her thrown out of the school.

Their relationship is a tug of war, both fighting to stay on top. One of them gives in, the other stays in control.

My Thoughts

This short novella was bloody hot!!! I thoroughly enjoyed it! Hunter is my type of brooding alpha male, and Laura was sassy but not so much that I got annoyed.

Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can - Jordan Silver Oh this was sooo not what I've come to expect from Jordan Silver :(


Used (Getting Inside of V, #1)

Used (Getting Inside of V, #1) - Kate Lynne image

Please note that this short novella contains scene with F/F, F/M/F

To be honest had this book not been so short, I would have probably dnf it! I'm not a fan of books with scenes that include more than two people or two females. Not because I'm a prude but because it does nothing for me, and reading a book like that would be pointless.

That being said, kudos to the author for writing such a bold and unapologetic book! The heroine or anti-heroine had no redeeming qualities, I didn't like her right of the bat and that never changed. Yes she had a difficult past, but none of this justifies the person she is.

On to the sex scenes, I found them rather clinical and the dialogue rather rehearsed.
For example: "F*ck her mouth! Do it hard!"
The MC was constantly shouting orders like a drill sergeant, I found it unnecessary. I get she's into control, but she was the only person shouting, it just didn't ring true.

And finally the big reveal at the end. It was just entirely too dramatic, it was interesting getting POV's from all the characters, but I found myself asking,
"but why?"

ARC copy reviewed for Read More Sleep Less Blog
The Dark Light of Day - T.M. Frazier

4.5 You are a survivor, you are a warrior Stars!!!

Abby might only be seventeen years old but she's been through whole lot more than people twice her age. When her Nana dies, she's left alone in the world, homeless, she ends up sleeping in a junkyard. This is when she meets Jake, he's blonde has blue eyes, but he has an inherent darkness surrounding. Abby feels safe around him, and that gut feeling is proven right when he saves her from a situation she swore she would never get back into again.

Then there's Jake, with his good looks and questionable occupation. He quickly realises that he want Abby for himself. But having had an almost as bad break as Abby, he does not feel worthy. But that isn't enough to try and stop him from being part of her life. He becomes her protector, and slowly Abby begins to open up to him. he'd do anything or her, kill anyone for her. All she has to do, is give the go ahead and he won't think twice about it.

They're love isn't a conventional one, but they both begin to heal because of it. But unfortunately not everyone wants to see them find happiness. Because of this they're love is tested in the most harsh and heartbreaking way. Can they're love persevere, will Jake prove himself worthy of Abby's love, and will Abby finally be able to take down the walls she's been using as shield all her life. The only person to break through was her Nana, and now she's gone from her life.

My Thoughts 
This was me while reading this book:

Maybe I'm just a wimp, but dear God the stuff that happened to this girl was too much for my heart to bare! This story is a about pain, suffering and loss, but then the characters also learnt to forgive and let go of the past and live in the now. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it although I was a sobbing mess.

ARC kindly provided by author in return for an honest review!


Images are courtesy of author's Facebook and Twitter pages

Phoenix - Raine Anthony

A phoenix is a mythical bird that is a fire spirit with a colorful plumage and a tail of gold and scarlet. It has a 500 to 1000 year life-cycle, near the end of which it builds itself a nest of twigs that then ignites; both nest and bird burn fiercely and are reduced to ashes, from which a new, young phoenix or phoenix egg arises, reborn anew to live again. The new phoenix is destined to live as long as its old self. It is said that the bird's cry is that of a beautiful song. 

Dangerous. Bad News. Killer. This is what Phoenix sees when he looks in the mirror.
Where do I sigh up??? I want one!
That was my what I said after I'd read the blurb for Phoenix. My reaction after reading the prologue, went something like this:

Fucking beautiful words!!!

Phoenix is a man who has been through and experienced the worst side of humanity. His feelings have never mattered, his life was full of pain, everyday a fight for survival. Betrayed by the one person who was supposed to care for him. His life is grim and full of darkness, until the night the image of a rose brings him salvation.

Eve is a quite timid soul, not because she wishes to be this way but because of an upbringing that lacked the love and care that parents should give. Her piano teacher is the one woman who saved her from living a depressing and drab existence without hope.

When Eve and Phoenix meet sparks fly but not in the way you might think! When they finally accept their feelings and begin a tentative relationship, they begin to heal each other in the only way two broken souls can.

But when a hurdle in the form of petty town gossips and secrets from their pasts rears its ugly head, it seems as if their burgeoning love won't make it. 

Phoenix proves himself by being there for Eve when she needs him most and Eve proves herself worthy of his love when she accepts Phoenix for who he is flaws and all.

Final Thoughts 
I really enjoyed reading this book, it was written in a beautiful prose which appealed to me. The book moved at a steady and believable pace, so I didn't feel like any parts were drawn out or perhaps there was too little detail. One thing that did surprise me was the steaminess! I mean I got pretty hot and bothered while reading this book!

Why 4 and not 5 stars? One thing. I would have loved an alternating POV, frankly I've become spoiled, I love being inside the male leads head! Otherwise, this was a great read! 

Broody hero - Check
Broken heroine - Check
Heartwarming Love story - Triple check!!!

ARC recieved courtesy of author Raine Anthony in return for an honest review

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

Let me start with how I feel 
My heart hurts. It bleeds, it cries. This book made me feel. How to articulate and not post a bunch of nonsensical babble. 
Did I enjoy reading this book?
Did this book make an everlasting impression on me, in a good way?
Would I read it again?
Well, yes. I'm a masochist.
Who should read this book?
What did this book teach me?
That life isn't fair, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't live it to the best of you ability. And a whole lot more, but I think you get my meaning.

Refer to the above quote 
Augustus, I love you.
Yes, they are teenagers and yes this is fiction. But dear God, if I could find just a third of their kind of love, well, I think I'd be made for life.

What's this book about, you ask? 
It's about The Fault In Our Stars
You should like read it, it will change your life!
There's this really hot guy, with a really big heart.
Metaphorically speaking off course.

And then there's this really sick girl, Hazel Grace. She lives by a book called, An Imperial Affliction by Peter Van Houten.
By the way I think she is one of the best heroines ever written.

This quote is the most eloquently descriptive I have ever come across. It made me cry.
I'm crying right now.

Night Visits

Night Visits - Jordan Silver 4 STARS!!!





Tamara, pre-school teacher who is a productive part of the community starts get nightly visits from an unknown man. All she knows is he as a ten inch dick and he can give it to her good.

So who is she to complain, like Pussy says, they've hit jackpot!


Donovan, a man of questionable origins. He wants Tamara and he will have her and she will be his forever.

P.S. His dick is actually 10 and a half inches


Pussy, she run this sh!t.
A conversation between Pussy and Tamara:
Pussy: Clink clink.
Tamara: What the hell is that?
Pussy: Pussy on lock down, this tunnel is closed until further notice, start talking b!tch or I'm going on strike.

Pussy: Well damn motherfcuker it's like that? You better blindfold those kids or knock their asses out tonight, warrior boy is about to fcuk the pink off this pussy, did you hear those sweet words, sweat and battles and hungry c#ck, I'm in for a treat.

Final Thoughts
I thoroughly enjoyed this short novella! It was freaking hilarious and sizzling hot! They don't play around, they get down and dirty! The writing isn't awesome and the story needs editing but whatever!


Dark Angel (Hunter, Hunted #1)

Dark Angel (Hunter, Hunted #1) - Angela  Jordan I liked it, but it was far too short! Especially considering I could've bought a full length book for the same price.
Terrorscape (Horrorscape) - Nenia Campbell

Once upon a time, there was a naive and innocent girl who thought she could tame the beast and live happily ever after. But the beast did not want to be tamed, for he was a beast and beasts care not for such things, and the girl died along with her dreams.

From childhood's grave sprang a young woman, jaded before her years, who new that beasts could wear the skins of men, and that evil could exist in sunlight, as well as darkness.

Plus ca change, c'est la meme chose.

Pain lanced through her chest as if a large needle were sewing her ribs together, cinching them far too tight. Emotions snarled like brightly coloured threads, some standing out in sharp contrast. Aubergine guilt. Carmine lust. Scarlet anger.

He acted like a libertine of Europe with a genteel Southern propriety-and had all the morals of an emotionless psychopath. the two former masked the latter, like leaves covering a snare. You didn't notice the steel jaws until they were impaled in your flesh, and by then it was far too late to run.

Oh my eff, I almost highlighted the entire book!!! I could melt at the imagery this woman weaves with her words! There is nothing like it! You should read the book yourself, it's just that good! I have no words! Now I will quietly sob in a corner...

Horrorscape - Nenia Campbell

Which of us will be the monster then, hmmm? Beauty, or the poor beguiled beast? You won the battle last time, my dear, but unfortunately you lost the war. This time, you win nothing. I'll make sure of it.

She new she should run, but her legs wouldn't move. She new she should fight, but her hands were no longer under her command. She could still resist, but even that was slowly beginning to fade. He left her feeling dead inside; like a neurotoxin, he killed off her senses one by one.

The game you have elected to play is a very dangerous one. One king, one queen, six pawns; winner takes all. There is no time limit-except the one on your lives.

My Thoughts 

Holy effing crap!!! I am obsessed with Nenia Campbells writing!!! It's like she crept inside my brain while I wasn't looking and said, "I'm gonna write a book for her!!!" Gothic horror at it's freakin best!!! They don't write books like this anymore people! A tip for anyone who wants to read a book by Nenia... Be prepared to loose sleep, all you will think of is reading the next one! I have no clue what I'm going to do when I've read all her stuff! 

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