Mine to Keep (Mine, #2)

Mine to Keep (Mine, #2) - Cynthia Eden 4 WHODUNNIT STARS!!!We catch up with Trace and Skye, the threat to Skye's life has been eliminated and Trace finally has Skye where he has always wanted her; in his bed with his ring on her finger.Skye feels safe, it's been years since she's been able to feel so at ease, and only one man could ever make her feel this way, Trace.But a threat from Trace's past seems hell bent on dashing their dreams, someone is out to hurt Trace in the worst possible way. This person is systematically taking away everything that has ever meant anything to Trace. His biggest fear is that this person will take the one thing that would break him, Skye.As the deaths become more frequent and the threat to Skye's life more imminent, Trace and Skye race against time. Trying to expose the culprit before he obliterates their existence.But along the way, long forgotten secrets are revealed and new truths revealed.My ThoughtsYep, Cynthia Eden had me guessing till the end! I mean I had my list of suspects but I had no clue, I mean you have to read this yourself to understand the extent of the suspense and mystery that has been doled out in spades in this book!!! Just read it!