Present Perfect

Present Perfect - Alison G. Bailey Buddy read with Skank Soraya Naomi and Dhini!!!Don't get me wrong, this was a very well written piece of work! The first 20% was riveting! But after that I just got frustrated, I'm sorry to say this but I had no sympathy for Amanda. She was stupid self absorbed and juvenile!I hate stupid heroines and this one was just that... stupid!By the way, how many men does this girl need to feel like a real person???? Adequate??? My patience was tried!!! Get over yourself Amanda!Yes it was beautifully written, but I've read and watched this plot so many times! Which isn't a bad thing. But it ended up being predictable and there wasn't even an alpha male to keep me interested! I'll over look anything for an alpha male!!!The last 20% could have salvaged this book, if I hadn't had to read 60% of horridious content! I didn't shed a tear I tell you, and I'm a pretty emotional person!P.S. Anna you rock girl!!!