Killing Sarai (Killing Sarai, #1)

Killing Sarai (Killing Sarai, #1) - J.A. Redmerski 5 Fast Paced and Gripping Stars!!!Sarai has been held captive for nines years, subjected to the whims of a mad man. She has never given up hope of escape, so when she sees an american visitor, something that's never happened before, she takes a chance and risks her life for freedom.But nothing is always as it seems. Gun in hand, Sarai forces Victor the american visitor to take her to the american border. But Victor isn't the salvation Sarai was looking for, she realises that she may have left her captivity, but she has thrown herself in to a much more dire situation. the man she is with is a killer, and wouldn't think twice before ending her life.In one single moment it seems as if her life is about to end. But Victor surprises her, surprises even himself by doing exactly what he has been trained not to do. Sarai is an enigma to him, he feels drawn to her. He realises that she is a threat to him, but cannot decide how to remedy this problem even though it is quite obvious.Victor and Sarai journey is one filled with pain and uncertainty but also self discovery. Sarai begins to find the strength inside herself the longer she is with Victor. She may not be the ideal woman or the woman society expects her to be. But she becomes a woman of her circumstances, she becomes warrior no longer a victim. She learns to love, although she may not know it, this becomes her strength. Yes, at times she is scared but she no longer cowers in fright, but stands up and faces the challenge.Victor feels protective of Sarai, something he has never felt for any woman before. Her pain is something he takes no joy in, he wants her to be safe, have a chance at happiness, a good life.Victor's life scares Sarai, but not enough for her to not want to be around him. She sees a different side to him, he doesn't show it often, but it's there. Every glimpse she gets, proves to her that Victor has a heart although he might not want her to see it.This is a fast paced, gripping and thrilling novel. It will keep you on the edge of your seat, there are surprises at every turn of your digital page. I truly have never read a book like this before, Miss Redmerski you have been holding out on us! It will leave you craving more, leave you wanting to find another book that will match the absolute genuis that J.A Redmerski has created!I love books that are narrated in the first person, I think it feeds the need I have to become the character. It makes it so much easier to pretend that it's actually me that's playing the character! Haha! The fact that I got to read it form the hero's POV as well made the book an absolutely satisfying read!This is one of those books where you'll find yourself wanting a physical copy, signed proof that you didn't dream this wonderful story.