Mine to Take

Mine to Take - Cynthia Eden 3.5 stars because it was just way too short, but 4 stars because it would have been amazing had it been a full length novel!HOLY MOTHER OF ALL SOAP OPERAS!!!I really love it when a book surprises me!!! So when I started reading this I was like, uuurgh another one!!! Another billionaire saves a damsel in distress! Seriously it seemed really predictable, I had everything figured out but I just kept on reading because hey! I love possessive men! But I also love drama!And boy was there drama! Skye Sullivan, was a ballerina, until one fateful night when her leg got mangled in a car accident. Skye is adamant another car pushed her off the road, but there's no evidence to support her statement!Her dancing career in ruins, she moves back to Chicago, and seeks the help of her first love Trace Weston. Trace and Skye met in foster care, ten years ago, for Skye, Trace was the only man she ever loved, ever felt safe with. Unlike everyone else Trace believes Skye when she tells him someone is watching her. Being the owner of a security company he immediately puts his best men on the job. He doesn't expect monetary payment for his services, what he has in mind has a much higher value. He wants Skye back and this time, he won't be letting her go!I'm not gonna lie, that shit turns me on. It just does, and...At this point, I'd already figured out who was stalking Skye and I was like. Oh wow, real original! But then shit got weird, I wasn't so sure off myself anymore and then everyone turned into a suspect! The cool thing was, I got to be inside the stalkers head! This in my book is amazing, the chance to read about villain is almost like being the villain!So if you don't know this, I like reading about sicko's, the crazier the better, the more twisted their thoughts are the better!So I don't wanna give away too much here, but after some really close calls, and some huge accusations. The stalker is revealed, and I gotta say, yes I was starting to suspect it was that person, but I was also pretty sure it was someone else. So yes, it probably could have been even more twisted than it was. It definitely should have been longer,but the question is did I enjoy it? And the answer is yes! I had a ball of a time, and that's what it's all about! Oh and I really love Spartacus, so I just added that for the hell of it hahaha!!!On to the next great(and twisted) read!!!