Until I Break

Until I Break - M. Leighton 5 TWISTED, MIND-FUCKINGLY UNBELIEVABLE STARSEnter Laura Drake, she's come to a book signing. She's her usual calm and collected self, everything's going perfectly until she sees him, a man who looks just like Mason the main character in her books. She immediately freezes up, she's speechless. For the first time ever Laura Drake disappears and Samantha Jansen is left in her place.Laura Drake Samantha JansenSamantha is at odds with her alias, she can't own up to her work because of her past, she's ashamed of what people will think considering what happened to her. You see Laura Drake's MC is dark and at times depraved.And then we have Alec Brand. A few words that come to mind when I think of him are:Arrogant, Driven, Sociapathic tendencies, Twisted, Conceited, Obesessed, Toxic So I'll stop right there, needless to say I loved him. Yes I did.I actually don't know what to say, this guy was beyond fucked up. If I actually say anything I'll be giving way too much away, but here goes.He's a predator, his victims always willing, some of his actions were borderline stalkerish at times. He prays on unsuspecting woman, he preys on what he sees as meek, docile creatures and breaks them. Tapping into their sexual fantasies, showing them a world of new pleasures. He's tried holding himself back, tried squashing his urges, until he sees Samantha. Although Alec's behaviour isn't morally correct, he's past has a lot to do with it.This book is jam packed with sexual tension and some seriously sexy scenes. But for me this was more of a psychological thriller. Yes it has all the ingredients for an erotica, but if you're like me, and found Alec's super complex personality hard to place into one category, you'll understand why I say psychological and thrilling.But yes I liked it!!! But that's just what I thought of it. Which is what a review is.