Skin Deep (Skin Deep, #1)

Skin Deep (Skin Deep, #1) - J.M. Stone 3.5 Stars!This book was the epitome of a romcom!!! I enjoyed reading it so much, I was in fits of laughter! Emma is one seriously sassy chick, who knows what she wants and makes no apologies when she goes after it!Luke is a hot as sin, bad ass tattoo artist, who, when he sees Emma walk into his shop for the first time is immediately drawn to her and doesn't even try to hide it! Make no mistake Emma is just as attracted to him as he is to her. But is held back by a previous relationship gone ugly. But Luke won't have that and makes it his goal to have Emma in his bed. Emma puts up a little bit of a fight but ultimately gives in to his indisputable prowess! Emma made me laugh so hard, her internal dialogue is crazy! There were quite a few characters in this story and they all brought something to the story. Emma's family was absolutely wonderful and so cute. The scene where Emma's sister calls her because she thinks her husband is cheating on her was hilarious!Her brother Calland was your textbook annoying little brother and he proved himself every chance he could get! Emma and Luke together were absolutely hottt! I thought their first time was hot and then Emma had to say "Show me your dark side Luke!" And boy did he show her!!! God I love dominant men!!! Okay so I don't wanna ruin the story for you guys but there was one scene where everyone had been watching T.V. and then they all fell asleep in front of the T.V. My poor prudish heart was at first like...and then I was like...Hahaha!!! Totally didn't see that one coming!Okay why did I only give this book 3.5 Stars you ask?I felt like the story was finished at about 60%, nothing more to say here. You no finished! But there was the unfinished issue of a stalker. Emma has a stalker, obviously this is quite serious. But I felt like it was abandoned, I mean there were a few dropped calls, some heavy breathing and a few presents. But not once did Emma feel the need to tell Luke about it! I mean WTF??? I won't go into further detail but the issue was ultimately resolved obviously because this story does have a happy ending. But before it was resolved, we were told some unnecessary crap by Emma. It didn't slowly lead up to the climax, it was just a bunch of scenes right near the end of the book. I didn't see the point, a lot of what happened could have happened much earlier on. So that's why I took one and a half stars off.But although it was annoying the book was enjoyable. I would definitely recommend reading it. It was light, funny and the writing style flowed well. I felt like I was listening to a friend tell me about her super hot boyfriend and their amazing sex life! EmmaLuke