Otherwise Occupied

Otherwise Occupied - Shay Savage 4.5 mind-blowing and I don't know what stars!!!This book was brilliantly written, what blows my mind is that it was written by a woman! I mean I've read books where it's from the male POV but something always gives it away. If I could get into a guys head, I think this is exactly what it would be like minus the hitman for a mob boss part![b:Otherwise Occupied|17447582|Otherwise Occupied (Evan Arden Trilogy, #2)|Shay Savage|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1370411474s/17447582.jpg|24329085] picks up where [b:Otherwise Alone|17080000|Otherwise Alone (Evan Arden Trilogy, #1)|Shay Savage|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1355724534s/17080000.jpg|23448130] left off. Evan Arden is back in Chicago trying to get back into his bosses good graces. With thoughts of Lia still lingering in his mind he has trouble focusing on his job, he finds comfort in an unlikely person. Meanwhile his boss gives him a job to do, this could be it, the one thing that could get him back to his old status with his boss. He start's planning the perfect hit,but memories from his past keep getting in his way and he finds himself relying on one person too help chase his demons away. Evan isn't a perfect man in fact he's a man full of flaws. But he's taken what life has handed him and done what he can with it. Everyone thinks they have him figured out but no one really knows what goes on in his head. Yes he's badass, yes he don't take shit but he had this deep craving, this need for acceptance. God that's sounds so corny, but he did! He surrounds himself in this seedy, shady world not because he has no other choice but because he doesn't think he deserves any better. I think that stemmed from him having never known his own parents. When Evan has a hit to complete, he gives it his all, He definitely didn't hold back with the one his boss gave him! I mean I was a tad bit shocked, I thought he was gonna go all the way! Which would have been interesting for such a strong alpha male! Haha!!!And every time he finished a job to perfection or got rid of an annoying character I was like.But unfortunately he had a nemesis, who used something very close to him against him, because he wanted to take him out. I never saw it coming one minute I was like "Okay, relax Christine he'll be fine, this shit is gonna sort itself out!" But I guess it wouldn't have been real if it hadn't worked out the way it did. But not to sound like a ninny or anything but I had some tears in my eyes...And I was somewhat angry at Evan...But then shit got real, I mean it got up close and personal!!! I was in a state of panic and then it happened and I was like nooooo!!! But at the same time I was like...I was riveted, this book is a page turner. I won't call it a romance, it's Evan Arden's story. It's gripping and I can't wait for the next book!ARC provided by [a:L.J. Anderson|5072145|L.J. Anderson|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/1337925128p2/5072145.jpg] in exchange for an honest review!