Otherwise Alone

Otherwise Alone - Shay Savage 4 Stars!This a perfect prelude to Otherwise Occupied! We meet Lieutenant Evan Arden who sits in a shack in the desert waiting for orders to come back to civilization. The only company he has is his Great Pyrenees named Odin. Okay so I've no clue what Evan looks like but I definitely got a Taylor Kitsch with shorter hair vibe maybe a beard?. But this picture might change to suit a better description.It's a normal day out in the desert, well as normal as it can be. It's hot as hell and Evan is starting to get a bit antsy, he's scared the call to come back will never come. Well not scared, Evan doesn't get scared but he is weary... When he sees a lone figure walking in the distance he is immediately alert, he can't afford to trust anyone. But when he sees the woman stumbling along the road something stops him from reacting as he normally would. Which would be to...He assesses her as he would any other threat, and although he is at first hostile towards her he lets her stay the night. This where things become super steamy!Lia is skittish around Evan at first, but perhaps because of what she's recently gone through she finds herself relaxing around him. Evan wants her but knows he must tread carefully.I want her quietly moaning my name into the pillow as I come in her, not freaking out on me because I pushed in the exact wrong way.I need to be inside of her. Mouth, pussy, ass - I don't care. I just need to merge with her...blend...be one.Oh and I had to add this quote because I love an alpha hero!Soon, though...soon I'll be in control. Once she's decided she really wants it, I'm fucking taking over because that's what she really wants.And then the three lines that killed me!So I drive off. Odin at my side. But otherwise alone.