Armed and Dangerous (The IMA, #2) - Nenia Campbell "We know where you are. We are watching you. And if we want to, we can hurt you."Michael Boutilier has been living a drab existence going through the motions, his life on auto-pilot. But every night he dreams of the same woman, the one woman who broke through his indestructible shell, Christina Parker. He's forced to work for the organisation that tried to ruin him, he has no choice. They threaten him with something he cherishes and he'll do what ever he can to keep her safe. It'll be harder to keep his emotion this time round. he's a different man, a better man with a conscious. Being around Christina makes him want to be a better man, but at the same time she brings out his baser instincts. Christina Parker, has decided to start over a new leaf. She's leaving her old life behind, she won't let her mother tell her how to live her life. She's become a stronger person, Michael Boutilier has left his mark in her life. Thinking of him brings up old memories, of both fear and desire, she confused, but won't let that stop her. But she realisesthat the past won't be forgotten, old enemies have been watching her and aren't willing to let go. She thrown back into the horror she was trying to forget, she's in danger and she has no choice but to face it.My ThoughtsLoved it!!! Miss Campbell has wowed me again! Thrilling, gripping and the suspense is beyond words! I need the next book NOW :) I love the characters! The danger and mystery of Michael and the innocence but rising bravery of Christina! LOVED IT!!!