Dark Light (Dark Light, #1) - S.L. Jennings DNFSorry Skank aka Soraya Naomi, I couldn't LMAO!!! You're on your own with this one ;)Before I begin, this is just my own opinion, many people enjoyed this book. Sadly it wasn't for me. I read for my enjoyment.The heroine. Hmmmmm. I didn't like her. What can I tell you about her???1. She has really dark curly tresses and she likes blow drying them.2. She loves her food.3. She's also very desperate.4. Oh and she's a supernatural being.The hero. Uhmmmmm. What can I tell you about him?1. He enjoys staring intensely at the heroine and her p@ssy.2. He has really light eyes.3. He has biblical powers. People part like the red sea when he walks,Please give me something dark and disturbing to read!