Outlaw - Nicole James I gave this book three stars because the plot was great. The characters were at times also great but I just had way too many issues.Please be warned this isn't a review it's me ranting and there are a lot of spoilers! Angel was raped and then Cole saves her. And then on the same day he puts the moves on her! Umm what else??? Mack the president was an asshole! Telling Angel Cole didn't want her anymore and that Cole said she should leave, he does all this after he tried to get Cole to leave her by using a rival club to get Cole to make her his old lady! So basically she's got a tattoo on her lower back that says "Property of Cole". And this guy Mack wants her to leave. Angel leaves only to find out that she's pregnant with twin no less!!! One of the twins Melissa has cancer and they can't find a match for an operation she needed. I think she had leukemia and she basically needed a bone marrow transplant or something. Did I mention that Angel isn't even sure if Cole or her rapist is the father? Well, she travels to California where Cole is, because she moved back to Arizona. She does this to ask him if he can get tested to see if he's a match. He acts like an utter asshole. Not believing the little boy (the one that isn't sick) she brought with her is his, even though it's obvious that the child is his. he looks like him!In any case he's a match, so he goes to Arizona to get the op done. He lives with Angel, her aunt Natalie and the little boy for like six weeks and the child is calling him daddy already! I mean what the fuck! Oh and did I mention that when he got to Arizona he and Angel got their freak on? Well they did! Thing is he's married, yes he is! Did I forget to mention how they repeatedly had unprotected sex???!!! I mean Cole wasn't exactly a saint.During he's stay, they all of a sudden discover that the neighbor hood isn't very safe, and suddenly they're getting their car almost stolen and they're almost robbed!!! None of this happened until Cole got there! So anyway the op is a success, he's barely visited he's daughter in hospital and he goes back to California. Because he's just given up, did I mention this guy is an alpha male? I'd like to mention that he's leaving not only Angel but his kids!You took the easy way out Cole!!!Oh and he decides he's gonna divroce he's wife!!! But she think "let me tell him I'm preggers!" He falls for it!!! And he's reasoning is that "at least Angel a better mother, this child need him way more that the twins!!!Suddenly he gets a call from Natalie! Angel's been stabbed and is in critical condition! he rushes back! At this point both kids are calling him daddy! What the actual fuck!!! And then Natalie's all like I know what to do! Take the kids back to California with you cuz it will force her to take you back! Yes Angel asked him to leave when she found out he was married! I'm sorry cheating is cheating people, doesn't matter how much you hate each other!Back to taking the kids back with him. WTF lady???? I don't care what you think! You don't solve shit by getting the kids involved. So Angel obviously has a cow when she gets out of hospital and finds out. But when she gets to California she's all like "I love you Cole!" No way I'm sorry!