Salvation (The Captive, #4) - Erica Stevens 5++++++ Awesome, action-packed, gritty and I love Braith Stars!!!What an absolutely amazing series! Set at an amazingly fast pace there was never a dull moment! I haven't read PNR in awhile, what an absolutely perfect way to break my hiatus! The author's writing is amazing!!! You will be enthralled, gripped in the web she builds. Welcome to a world where Vampires rule and humans are enslaved by them, bled dry and thrown away. The first two books Captured and Renegade were really good! The author focuses on character development. Braith is such a complex character, he's sweet and endearing then he's possessive and unpredictable. Arianna's character is just as strong as Braith, she is independent, headstrong and has the biggest heart ever! When Braith sees her for the first time, he knows he must have her! She exposes a new side of him, a man who will do anything for the one he loves, literally go to any lengths to keep her safe.Book three is when things started getting, darker, gritty and absolutely delicious!!! The twists in this book will blow your mind, the scenes literally leap off the page. Again about the character development, specifically Arianna. Her character grew so much, seriously I never like the heroines, I either find them annoying or am jealous of them! Finally the last book! OMG!!!! My heart!!! Amazing!!!! Unputdownable!!!! I was flabbergasted!!! You will be so surprised, secrets are revealed, new allies, you'll love people you couldn't stand!!!Brilliant, Genius, Miss Stevens you have a new fan!!!This series should be a movie!!! I can't even begin to praise this author's writing style. I love fight scenes in books, and she wrote them beautifully. And okay I'm gonna say it, the smut level was very low but the sexual tension more than made up for it! This is an epic love story but there is also so much more to it! I know it's PNR but it's also about good overcoming evil, about compromise and acceptance. It will show you that not everything is always as it seems, and that everyone deserves a second chance!A big thanks to Skanky pants Soraya Naomi for recommending this series to me!!! Johanna, one of the original skanks, you rock for finding this series before me!!! I had a blast skanks! Oh and Miss Stevens... I will be reading more of your books!!!