Night Visits

Night Visits - Jordan Silver 4 STARS!!!



Tamara, pre-school teacher who is a productive part of the community starts get nightly visits from an unknown man. All she knows is he as a ten inch dick and he can give it to her good.

So who is she to complain, like Pussy says, they've hit jackpot!

Donovan, a man of questionable origins. He wants Tamara and he will have her and she will be his forever.

P.S. His dick is actually 10 and a half inches

Pussy, she run this sh!t.
A conversation between Pussy and Tamara:
Pussy: Clink clink.
Tamara: What the hell is that?
Pussy: Pussy on lock down, this tunnel is closed until further notice, start talking b!tch or I'm going on strike.

Pussy: Well damn motherfcuker it's like that? You better blindfold those kids or knock their asses out tonight, warrior boy is about to fcuk the pink off this pussy, did you hear those sweet words, sweat and battles and hungry c#ck, I'm in for a treat.

Final Thoughts
I thoroughly enjoyed this short novella! It was freaking hilarious and sizzling hot! They don't play around, they get down and dirty! The writing isn't awesome and the story needs editing but whatever!